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“O Holy Night”.  The Christmas song of all Christmas songs.    The creme de la creme of caroling.  I began pondering this fact tonight when I realized that, on B98.5 (the radio station that plays “All Christmas music, all the time!!!!”…until you want to stab yourself in the eye with Rudolph’s antler by the end of Christmas!!!!  Which is why I listen to it only in doses….because I like both my eyes. ) ,  I’d listened to a different rendition of “O Holy Night”  every…single…time…I’d flipped it to that station.  Evvvveryone wants to sing their version of “O Holy Night”.  And they want to sing it earnestly….with feeling!  They want you to get chills on top of your chills….goosebumps on top of your goosebumps.  I get the feeling that all the artists are in some sort of silent battle with one another to hit the highest, most earth-shattering high-note at the end – – that type of perfect note that only dogs can hear and you only know it’s been hit because all the windows shatter in your car.

So tonight, I got on YouTube and typed in “O Holy Night” to see what came up, and as suspected, what came up were pages and pages of artists giving their forehead-vein-popping best to knock your socks off with THEIR version of it.  We have your standard variety of angelic cheesiness with Josh Grobin, Celine Dion, and The Celtic Women (taking a break from their PBS phone-athon, and singing expressively into their handsfree I-Can-Land-Planes-Too microphones), Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson…the works.  Then you have a couple of bizarre eye-brow raisers like Weezer……and much worse….N’Sync….giving their rendition. 


But I was looking for something a bit different – – something more…dare I say? ….spectacular   – and I found it.  I must admit that with the first few back-beat rhythms from the Casio keyboard, and then when the tuba starts, I found myself laughing quite hard.  This, my friends….IS…my favorite version of O Holy Night ever.  May it be yours too. 

Enjoy.  🙂


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I’ve been taking dance lessons from a place called Dance 101 here in Atlanta for about 2 years now.  It’s a fantastic adult dance studio that teaches everything from Dance Hall, to ATL Funk, to Bellydance.  I’ve been sticking to Bellydance, Latin Jazz and Disco pretty regularly over the last year now – – about 3-4 days a week.  It’s fantastic exercise for the mind, body and spirit and I absolutely adore it.  I danced throughout the entirety of my youth, teenage and college years, and it is one of those things that, once I picked it up again, I wondered why I’d ever let it go.  Dancing, for me, is pure joy.


One of the biggest surprises for me has been the disco class.  I’d never considered disco to be a genre of dance in which I would be interested….I’d never considered disco much, period.  But with every class, the music that is played reminds me more and more “Hey…I know this song…I LOVE this song!” – and the dancing that goes along with it is flashy, fun, and extremely fast-paced.


But it’s the dance teacher, Bubba, who makes it worth getting out on a cold rainy night to drag yourself to dance class when sometimes you just don’t feel like it.  He is “Fantabulous” personified and obviously lives and breathes the disco era and all it stands for.  And since the 70’s were considered to be the “me” decade, he wants you to think about….you!  And not only you…but the you who is dying to wear a sequin halter dress, stiletto heels, and dance under a storm of glitter raining from the dance club ceiling onto your radiancy (ok…that might just be me). 


In order to get you into that mindset, Bubba will often expound in great detail on what he wants you to imagine while you’re dancing certain steps.  Here are just a few examples (paraphrased):


  • I want you to glide across the floor and imagine that you are a cross between a seahorse, a unicorn and a puma – – and in this hybrid form, you’re in a sequin skirt with a slit up your leg daring anyone to get in your way as you dance your way onto the stage.
  • Ok…imagine that you have a diamond on your hip…and as you gyrate it slowly around, you’re slicing through a velvet curtain that parts to let you onto the stage as everyone stands in awe of you and your sparkling, gyrating hip.
  • Ok….here’s what you’re wearing right now.  A turquoise sequin gown with a slit up your leg…actually, let’s make that all the way up to your armpit…and as you step forward, we see a gold underlayer of skirt that billows out, as your gold sequined heel blinds everyone as it kicks upward.  Your hair is feathered back gorgeously and covers one eye and your fake gold eyelashes make it difficult to see….but you dance on, because you don’t ever let Disco down, baby.

His enthusiasm is hilarious and infectious, and by the time class is over, with the disco ball spinning overhead for the last 10 minutes of class after the newest routine has been learned, any trouble that you had walking in there is gone.  Forget Advil….go to Disco class!


And just to get you in the mood…so that maybe you too can skip that Advil today…I’ll close this with a clip of Donna Summer in all of her sequined, gyrating glory,  singing “I Feel Love”.  And don’t TELL me she’s not imagining herself as a hybrid seahorse/unicorn/puma with a diamond on her hip, because she TOTALLY is.  And she might have dropped a weeee bit of acid too, but that’s beside the point.   (As a side note, I don’t know what’s up with her Mr. Roboto moves  periodically – – we don’t learn that in class.  Although I’ve been known to do a move like that after too many shots of tequila).


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Low Point

I just downloaded a Myley Cyrus song to my i-tunes.


I thought about relaying my defense here but, really, what defense would possibly be strong enough to justify this action?

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